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5 essential Wordpress plugins

With many people now opting to use WordPress for their websites, it is essential that you make the most of the plugins available to you. Plugins allow you to add great features to your website, without the need for any development or coding experience. There are almost 55,000 plugins available though, so how do you know which ones are the best? Well, we are going to give you the 5 essential plugins that we add to all of the websites, and we advice you to also.

#1 Yoast SEO

Most people will now know a little about SEO, or will at least have heard of it’s importance. WordPress in general is coded in a way that is SEO friendly, but there are always ways of improving this even more. In order to do this, we suggest the Yoast SEO plugin. This is available for free, and also has a premium version with added features. This plugin will allow you to control the SEO on each of your pages and posts. It is also great for generating an XML sitemap which can then be linked with Google Webmaster Tools.

#2 Wordfence Security

When it comes to security, Wordfence is our go-to plugin. Available free of charge, you can have the piece of mind that your website is guarded against malware, brute force attacks, and much more. The plugin provides you with tons of features that will start running as soon as you activate the plugin. You can also dig deeper into the plugin and add further levels of security.

#3 Contact Form 7

This extremely simple and easy to configure plugin allows you to create online forms for your website. Whether this is a customer questionnaire, or a company contact form, this free plugin will allow you to create a form that can be embedded anywhere on the website. There are also various add-ons that can help you do even more with your forms, including Paypal and Mailchimp integration.

#4 W3 Total Cache

When you make a website, you want it to be fast. It has been proven that if a website runs slow, you are likely to lose potential users or customers. W3 Total Cache can help with this. By making the most of your browser’s cache, this free plugin works to ensure that your website can sustain large volumes of traffic without crashing. W3 Total Cache can also minify the HTML, Javascript & CSS files for your website, making it even faster. If speed is a concern for you, then this plugin is a must.

#5 Updraft Plus

Backups are essential with whatever you do. Whether its writing a document, creating a spreadsheet, or working with a website, backups can save you so much time and hassle if something was to go wrong. Updraft Plus is a free plugin that allows you to create regular backups of all your website files. This includes all the core files, the database and any content. In the event of a problem with your website, you can simply restore the site using one of the stored backups. If you are interested in added features and extra storage, then a premium version is also available.

We hope that you have found this useful, and if you have any questions regarding any of the plugins mentioned, please do not hesitate to get in touch.